Hey there!

My name is JeanHeyd Meneide, but my online moniker is ThePhantomDerpstorm/ThePhD. It’s a std::promise on my std::future. I am an Undergraduate studying at Columbia University’s Fu School of Engineering (currently on a Medical Leave of Absence). My degree will be in Computer Science, specifically concentrating in Graphics, Software Engineering, and Application Development with a minor in East Asian Languages and Culture.

C++ is my first love, wheel house, and primary jam. But! I’ve worked in several other languages (Lua, JavaScript, Python, C#, C, Java, the usual C-family of languages alongside OCaml) and performed fun things with others (TypeScript, ActionScript 3, Elm, and a tiny bit of Haskell).

In my free time I try to write and draw, which has naturally led me to creating this place here! I’ll be posting… well, anything and everything that comes to mind that I think might be worth sharing. Feel free to poke around and examine things!


The adorable favicon is the Twitter Sheep Emoji from Twemoji 2.7. The avatar is something I drew by hand!